Rimon Cyprus

One of the most exciting things which most people who visit Cyprus for the holidays is their means of accommodation. This is especially true of persons who are religious or Jews. There is no denying the fact that Cyprus is one of the growing destinations in recent times. For this reason, it is of no surprise that kosher hotels Cyprus are increasing by their numbers with each passing day. Here are some the key features of the Rimon Cyprus; 

רימון קפריסין

Where is ot locates?

Rimon Cyprus is located near the centre of Larnaka. It should be noted that this town is already home to a lot of kosher hotels in Cyprus. It is of no surprise then that the Rimon Cyprus is also found in this town.


If you have been banking on this hotel, then you would be pleased to know that most guests which have made use of this hotel gave absolutely loved the experience. For this reason, the Rimon Cyprus is right at the high end in terms of ratings. You can thus rest assured that using the Rimon Cyprus would turn out to be perfect for you.


A hotel is known by the quality of its accommodation services. This kosher hotel does not disappoint in this regard. Their rooms are of the highest quality. Most rooms are usually available in single or dual rooms. Most of their rooms have access to free internet service and the scenery in the rooms are just simply too stunning. You would definitely feel much more relaxes when you are in the rooms which have been prepared for you.

Other amenities

Apart from the rooms, there are other things which are sure to make you more interested in this kosher hotel. For example, they offer free wireless internet in almost all locations in the hotel. Also, for persons who own cars, they would be thrilled to find out that the free parking signs have been made accessible to all guests in the hotel. You can also get a free breakfast every month once you have paid for your room.

Tailored to relogious persons

You would also notice from the hotel’s mode of operation that most of the activities which have been made available to the guests have been in such a way that shows that they are geared towards religious persons especially Jews. Therefore, if you a religious person, this kosher hotel in Cyprus would be better for you.


While there are so many kosher hotels in Cyprus that do not exactly live up to their billing,  the Rimon Cyprus is different. They are actually quite nice and clean. They would be perfect if you are looking for somewhere to stay while you are in Cyprus. You can be assured that you would find their services which is always on full display very satisfactory and excellent. There is no doubt that they would give you all the thrill and advantage which you want when you eventually visit Cyprus.